Safe Banking Tips

Safe Banking Tips:

1)  Debit Card safety

Debit Cards have made our lives very convenient. However, to use them safely and securely, it is essential to keep a few tips in mind:

.  Change the PIN of your Debit Card regularly

.  When swiping your card for a purchase, make sure that you get it swiped in your presence and check your card before leaving the shop

.  Do not share your PIN with anyone and avoid writing it down anywhere especially on the card itself

.  Report loss of card immediately.

2)  Keeping your bank account active

As per a World Bank report, more than 40% of bank accounts in India are inactive. If you have not used your bank account for more than two years, your bank will classify it as a dormant account. Such accounts are easy targets for many different types of scams and frauds like money laundering and illegal transactions. For banking security, make sure that you close the accounts which you do not use and regularly update your contact details in case of any change.

3)  Carefully select the right PIN and Password

Electronic banking is now very popular, especially among young working professionals. If you regularly use online banking, or use your Debit Cards for withdrawals or making payments, you should be very careful with your passwords and PIN. Select a Password/PIN that is hard to crack and never save the same in your mobile phone or computer. Avoid selecting your birth date, pet name, car number or any such general information as your PIN or password and change it on a regular basis for safe online banking.

4)  Bank smart and avoid frauds

Banks regularly take steps to offer a more secure and convenient banking experience to the customers. However, the customers too need to play their part to protect themselves against frauds. Keep the tips mentioned above in mind for safe banking and quickly get in touch with your bank if you witness anything suspicious in your bank account.